Our company is your agency who specializes in personal service. We can help you with a variety of insurance needs; just give us a call, or stop by our office.

As an agency takes the time to get to know you which helps us customize coverage specific to your needs. The last thing you want to think about is your insurance until you need it. We make sure you have the right coverage so that in the event of a claim you are covered.

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Olympia Insurance Services, LLC, makes it easy to insure your property with home, landlord and strata insurance, your possessions with contents, car and vehicle insurance, and your family’s future with business, income, life and health insurance. While we can’t promise you’ll never have an incident, we’re here to make life simpler if you do.

Our expert Insurance consultants are ready and waiting.

Why use Olympia Insurance?

We act purely on your behalf, sourcing the best insurance at the best price, negotiating with the insurers at the start and in the event that you have to make claim. We’re here for you every step of the way.


Save Time

We understand, you’re busy managing, operations, sales and staff. Don’t let an oversight in your policy cost you money or time. We ensure your tailored solutions meet your individual needs.



The world of insurance is forever changing, new products, new policies and new perspectives. We ensure you’re always up to date and protected.


Peace of Mind

Don’t go to bed wondering if your insurance cover is comprehensive enough for you. We take the worry out of insurance so you can concentrate what you do best.

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